Welcome to livius.net sites!

Below is a list of sites I created:

Social sites:

GitHub projects:

Open source projects:


Liviu Ionescu


p.s. for completeness, some of the historical sites were also preserved:

  • www-mobileme.livius.net – the mobileMe version of the home page. The site was migrated to HostGator in June 2012, before the demise of the mobileMe service.
  • www-ines.livius.net – the first version of the personal web site, hosted for many years at ines.ro. In 2009 a redesign was attempted and the web and migrated to Apple mobileMe. The original site was kept as the ‘/old’ sub-folder in the new site.
  • aopadocs.livius.net – the documents related to the AOPA legislative initiative from 2008
  • eunet.livius.net – some historical details about the first EUnet Romania pages.

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